Student Loan Debtors Should Reap What’s Been Sown for Them…


…or something. Veronique de Rugy, unserious shill for the wealthy, is at it again.  She’s now advocating that the screws not be loosened off of those drowning in student loan debt due to the perverse consequences it might cause.  (Yes, I’m mixing metaphors. Get over it.) Let’s review this logic: A. People are drowning in Continue Reading →

What Did You Learn?

Bagley shootlion

A new report produced by the Center for American Progress aims to divine the policy lessons that we’ve learned in the wake of the Great Recession.  The report offers three major lessons (the latter two of which I would have expected to have been obvious going in to the recession, but obviously were not) coming out of this Continue Reading →

Another One Bites the Dust

Rejoice charter school advocates!  There’s a bit more room for profit in the public school system as California school teachers saw their tenure rules declared unconstitutional today. Raj Chetty, Harvard economist and believer in economics as a hard science, testified against the tenure rules claiming that “California students who miss out on a good education Continue Reading →

The FT Digs in on Piketty


Given the responses of many respected sources, Chris Giles’ review of Piketty’s data has raised some relevant questions about methods and potential errors, but the consensus seems to be that the claims he made were well overstated. (I’m far from being an economist, so I’ll stay out of that fray.) Given the near consensus response Continue Reading →

While You Were in Your Car…

2014-05-16 09.19.14

Today is Bike to Work Day.  I thought I’d snag a few shots on the way in to try to encourage folks to join the fun next year.

The Week in Pics for 5/9/2014

2014-05-08 09.28.31

My favorite shots for the week of 5/9/2014. Related PostsEvenin. (5/3/2014)72  A shot looking down on the home front from up in the foothills. (You have to click on the image to really see the detail.)  Tags: wonder, photos, beauty, aweAfternoon. (2/16/14)54Tags: wonder, beauty, aweMornin (02/06/2014)50Tags: wonder, beauty, awe

Evenin. (5/3/2014)


  A shot looking down on the home front from up in the foothills. Related PostsAfternoon. (2/16/14)74Tags: wonder, beauty, aweThe Week in Pics for 5/9/201472My favorite shots for the week of 5/9/2014.Tags: photos, wonder, awe, beautyMornin (02/06/2014)66Tags: wonder, beauty, aweMornin. (2/10/14)50Tags: wonder, awe

10 Steps to Turn Social Media into a Self-Directed Center of Learning

Flickr/Geir Arne Hjelle

I just read the latest post from Andrea Learned.  It got me to thinking about a post I have been meaning to write on how I believe that I’ve accelerated my learning via social media… Social media is an open-ended, polyphonic stream of consciousness.  That stream can lead to an endless procession of cat pics, fiery Continue Reading →

Proposing Egon’s Law

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The quote below was attributed to Harold Ramis shortly after his passing. It sums up my outlook on life pretty well and I think it’s one that, given a critical mass, could make the world a better place for all. I propose that the concept of an other-focused, supportive perspective leading to generative, mutually-beneficial outcomes Continue Reading →

Afternoon (3/7/14)


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