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There was a time when the world was big, people were few, and resources were plentiful. We could send our resources “away” as waste, and go dig, cut, fish, or otherwise harvest more.

That time is gone.

Today the world is small, people are many, and resources are scarce. This necessitates a very different approach to business. We know that operating in the “take, make, waste” mode is untenable, but market dictates have largely continued to nudge us down this path.

Fortunately, we can find better ways. It takes a willingness to research problems, to experiment with alternatives, and to build strong ties with willing, trustworthy partners. It tends to take more time and effort to get there, but when we get it right, the outcomes can far exceed what was initially believed possible. It was out of this mindset and experience that I formed Linear to Circular.

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We’re trained to use convergent thinking to arrive at optimal business solutions from known parameters.
I work to layer in both divergent and integrative thinking to help uncover opportunities which are often not readily evident. If that sounds interesting, I welcome the chance to discuss how we might be able to collaborate (Or to answer any questions you might have about my writing or the work that I do).  If so, please fill out the form below, and we’ll start digging in together right away!

-Chris Oestereich

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