Bringing it all together

I started a project a handful of years ago (the Wicked Problems Collaborative) that felt like a big departure from the writing I had been doing up to that point, so I created a separate site to house the effort. That work has become central to my writing and my work generally as over time as it all developed connective tissue, so I’ve decided to consolidate everything back into a single site. With that decision, I’ve copied all of the WPC posts to this site and I’ll be shutting that one down so that I can concentrate on managing this one.

Although these sites started out on significantly different tracks, the main difference recently has been that this site has been the home for my original work and the WPC site had become one where I primarily reacted to others’ writing, so I’ll be folding those bits in here now. Otherwise, I’ll just be going on about how everything is utterly broke, but that we might still do something about it if we care to do so, per the norm.


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