Is the WTO a Good Brexit Safety Net for the UK?

I’m wrapping up a book “Keep Calm and Brexit On?” that I’ll be publishing in multiple installments. The first one, “It’s Not Dead Yet” opens the book with the usual front matter and the first couple of chapters which set the stage for last summer’s historic referendum on the UK’s EU membership. There’s a lot […]

March 13 Bangkok Stammtisch: Owen Jones meets Rutger Bregman

Tonight’s the night (March 13, 2017) for the monthly Bangkok Stammtisch for RSA members and friends. As part of our meetup, we’re planning to discuss Owen Jones’ interview of Rutger Bregman. I’ve outlined the discussion below as a conversation starter. If you’re in Bangkok, and this is of interest, come join us at the Queen […]

Build the New Thing – Marco Steinberg on Design for Social Innovation

I attended an interesting talk last night on using design for social innovation. The speaker, Marco Steinberg, a strategic design professional, was in Bangkok for a workshop with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Marco made time to share some of his ideas for a packed house at Chulalongkorn University. Below is a hodge-podge of […]

Hate speech ain’t free (Boycott Bill Maher)

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the necessity of the universal right (or lack thereof) to free speech. Much of this has been due to the tiresome provocations of a couple of sad souls who are either clamoring for attention via a morally repugnant, dangerous path of self-promotion, or they’re truly advocating for […]

LightBlue supports Zero Waste in Singapore (5 Steps to Zero Waste)

I’m visiting Singapore with LightBlue Environmental Consulting for the Singapore Hotel Association’s event on waste. We expect it to be interesting and informative as local hotels will be awarded for their sustainability efforts. We created this short video with tips to help businesses that are thinking about implementing zero waste practices get started. Reach out […]

Waste & Recycling in Singapore

I’m headed to a zero waste event with the Singapore’s National Environment Agency and the Singapore Hotel Association next week. In doing some homework for the event, I found a surprisingly large gap between what I’d call commercial vs. retail recycling rates. I’m looking forward to working with businesses to help close that gap. If […]

The SDGs turn 1 (Do you know what they are?)

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) turn 1 year old this weekend. Before the SDGs, there were the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), a UN program that’s widely held to have come up far short of its 8 targets. The UN took a more coordinated approach with the SDGs, aligning all of its units around the 17 goals, and […]

The Economy is Rigged, and Other Campaign Truths

In, “The Economy is Rigged, and Other Presidential Campaign Myths,” Harvard Economist Gregory Mankiw took to the pages of the NYT’s Upshot to dispel what he saw as some election-related myths. He was attempting to tackle some of Trump’s whoppers (an effort I’m certainly in favor of), but there are claims that I felt I needed to contest. […]