Resurrecting Glass-Steagall – Project Syndicate

Finally, some observers – although relatively few at this point – argue that the biggest banks have greatly improved their control and compliance systems, and that the mismanagement of risk on a systemically significant scale is no longer possible. This view is simply implausible. Consider all the instances of money laundering and sanctions busting (with […]

Defiant Portugal shatters the eurozone’s political complacency

Brussels faces a second anti-austerity revolt as the Portuguese Left tears up the script and demands the right to govern Read the full  post: Defiant Portugal shatters the eurozone’s political complacency   Prediction:  The boot of austerity will continue to stamp out these fires until it becomes a roaring, cross-border conflagration.   I’m writing a […]

Acting out the drama of systems thinking

If we can pretend to create social value that can have a systemic effect, then we need to move beyond just understanding the causes of an issue — whether it be homelessness, elderly care or loneliness — to be able to make sense of the system/s the issue is part of. To tackle the issues caused by the system […]

Uber Drivers Threaten to Strike

“We always welcome feedback from driver-partners,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. Read the full story here: They’re “driver-partners,” because they collectively have a large equity position, and significant influence on decision-making. And yet they’re threatening to go on strike. Got it.   I’m writing a book on Brexit that I’m serializing. Parts […]

mainly macro: How television fails in its duty to inform

Take for example the clip where the Prime Minister lied about cuts to tax credits. There David Dimbleby asks him by saying “some people” have suggested tax credits would be cut, rather than “every non-partisan expert”. This may seem small, but this kind of detailed textual analysis is critical (and it is what many journalists […]