The EU is Not Gonna Fall for that Banana in the Tailpipe

When we last left the train wreck known as Brexit, I mentioned that the UK was pulling the EU ripcord, while pretending regulatory agencies were negotiating pawns, and that things don’t work like that. The EU has since made it clear that it is not having any of that nonsense. (check out the video at […]

The Brexit Signal is Lit

Theresa May became Prime Minister in the wake of the EU referendum that was held on June 23, 2016. The results of that election sent former PM David Cameron out of office in disgrace. A week later, May made her first public statement in which she claimed there would be no early election, a claim that has […]

Keep Calm and Brexit On? – Part 2: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

The second installment of my book on the Brexit mess is out! This one looks at key forces that played into the EU referendum vote — matters like austerity in the form of cuts to the UK’s education system and its National Health Service, as well as concerns over immigration (among others). It also has […]

Merkel Rejects Parallel Talks

In their letter to the EU, the UK requested parallel discussions: one for the “divorce bill,” and another for the go forward agreement. Per Sky News, Angela Merkel has already shut down that bit of wishful thinking. With that, the 18-month window to negotiate a new deal with the EU (that’s already likely down to […]

Down the Brexit Hole

They did it. Theresa May sent her emissary to Brussels today to officially deliver the divorce papers. They now have two years to negotiate the tab for existing commitments, as well as a go forward deal. The last six months will be needed for the EU and UK governments to debate and approve any deal […]

Last Call for Enlightened Self-Interest?

I’ve long warned about the potential of things going down a bad path if we don’t find a way to craft fairer societies.  Over the past couple of years, those warnings have felt increasingly less speculative. For a time, I thought there’d be a moment when those at the trough would realize the danger we […]

Ireland Draws the First Line

Ireland’s PM, Enda Kenny, stated that he won’t sign off on a deal that includes a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland (presumably due to fear of renewed hostilities between those nations.) Regardless, that’s one more hurdle for the Tories to navigate as they prepare for what’s already a seemingly impossible negotiating task.  Will […]

I’m giving away my Basic Income book

I released Part I of my series on Brexit this week. To celebrate, I’ve made my recent basic income book free through March 20. (It covers the “why” of basic incomes from a couple of angles that I found important.) Please check it out, and if you could give me a brief, honest review, I’d greatly appreciate […]