With Chequers Dead, It’s May’s Moment of Truth

Theresa May went to Salzburg this week looking to find common ground with the EU on her Chequers plan. Instead, that plan was roundly rejected. Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, noted that an agreement was still possible. But he said it would not happen under the terms of May’s plan. With Chequers […]

Is it Time to Curb the Technology Bandwagon?

Technology is a broad concept. We tend to think of it in terms of the flashy new devices, but it’s so much more than that. Generally speaking, it’s a lever through which we apply knowledge to gain benefits. Major advances throughout human history are obvious reminders of the things tech has enabled. From the time […]

Story-Based Holistic Design

A framework for sustainable, participatory design… The Human-Centered Design (HCD)  framework facilitates change. I designed Story-Based Holistic Design (SBHD) as an update to HCD to help improve the sustainability of design outcomes. SBHD differs from HCD in three ways. SBHD integrates system thinking processes with the existing processes in the Human-Centered Design framework.Storytelling is included throughout the […]

Are Guns the Problem?

Are guns the problem? It's time to have an honest conversation. https://t.co/WhTJyQE9HQ — Governor Matt Bevin (@GovMattBevin) February 16, 2018 Kentucky’s governor Matt Bevin gave a short interview to the Cincinnati Enquirer about the issue of guns in America. Below is the CC transcript of the interview from YouTube. (Hence the lack of punctuation.) I’ve […]

Confessions of an Independent Publisher (who learns everything the hard way)

About five years ago, the idea of becoming an independent publisher, one that focused on humanity’s biggest challenges, took hold of me. It was an intoxicating vision. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but publishing thought-provoking books on such challenges was just the kind of work I wanted to do. I had no idea what I was […]

Degrowth is Necessary

Branko Milanovic recently published a post that tackles the idea of degrowth (an idea I favor) head on. He’s one of my favorite economic thinkers, who has spent years focusing on the topic of inequality, long before it became a topic of broad interest. That, and the fact that I find him to be incredibly forthright, […]

Something is Rotten on YouTube

I recently read something bewildering, “Something is wrong on the internet,” by James Bridle. The part cast a light on some dark corners on YouTube. (No, it’s not that. It’s far stranger.) You can go read the post, but if you choose to do so, expect to end up feeling perplexed at best. And I’m not even […]

Thailand is Drowning in Waste! – Part 1: The Challenge

I participated in an interesting summit of academics and government officials towards the end of the summer. The event, “Revitalizing Rural Development for Poverty Eradication in Asia,” featured three tracks of discussions about (1) natural resources and the environment, (2) rights and democratization, & (3) livelihood and wellbeing. I joined the track around natural resources and […]