Something is Rotten on YouTube

I recently read something bewildering, “Something is wrong on the internet,” by James Bridle. The part cast a light on some dark corners on YouTube. (No, it’s not that. It’s far stranger.) You can go read the post, but if you choose to do so, expect to end up feeling perplexed at best. And I’m not even […]

Will Robots Do Our Work?

I contributed an article to the new edition of THink Magazine, a journal produced by the HEAD Foundation, that looks at long-running trends in the mix and availability of work, and the technological waves that drove the shifts in those trends in looking to see what might lie ahead. Please have a look, and ping me […]

Tory Cuts Questioned as the NHS Gets Hit by Ransomware

The UK’s NHS got caught up in the major ransomware attack that hit computers around the world yesterday. In the wake of the attack, the Mirror is reporting that the Tories cut computer security funding from the NHS a year ago, despite being warned that doing so would leave thousands of government computers (and thus hospitals) vulnerable to […]

Rebooting Work – Douglas Rushkoff

 [D]igital technology is expressing and amplifying the embedded values of industrialism. -Douglas Rushkoff   I’m writing a book on Brexit that I’m serializing. Parts 1) covering the challenges in the EU prior to the story, & 2) which dives into the primary factors impacting the referendum, are both out. Part 3, which covers the events and […]

Alan Winfield’s Web Log: Robots should not be gendered

Should robots be gendered? I have serious doubts about the morality of designing and building robots to resemble men or women, boys or girls. Let me explain why. The first worry I have follows from one of the five principles of robotics, which states: robots should not be designed in a deceptive way to exploit […]

New Report Reveals Just How Badly Black Women-Led Startups Are Being Underfunded |Co.exist

Black women lead just .04% of the total number of women-led tech startups in the U.S., according to a newly released report by Digital Undivided’s #ProjectDiane—a research study evaluating 88 tech companies led by black women. Of that group, only 11 had raised $1 million or more. The remaining 77 raised an average of just […]