Robert Reich Lays It Down (Video)

Berkeley prof and former labor secretary, Robert Reich, says the U.S. is letting itself go.  He cuts to the chase in this short video.

If you disagree with the ideas in this video, what do you make of our placement on the failed states chart? (A joint effort of The Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy magazine.)

If the U.S. is truly the greatest nation on earth, as we hear throughout every campaign season, should there be a shiny silver or blue category reserved just for us, and not a nearing middle of the pack yellow?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Right after I posted this, I found a great article by Joseph Stiglitz which fit in nicely with the above.  To liberally paraphrase Stiglitz, “The confidence fairy is not going to make our problems go away because the confidence is an imaginary creature.”  That said, you might just want to read the article for yourself: The Great Recession, Part II

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