Can we shut up and listen to people who want our help?

I listened to an interesting talk recently. I liked it so much that I listened to it again a few weeks later. The talk features Dr. Ernesto Sirolli, an Italian academic with decades of experience working in development. Dr. Sirolli made several interesting points in his talk, but one that he borrowed from E. F. […]

The Six Men of Indostan

I’m taking an EdX class on wicked problems (which has been excellent so far), and they just shared the video below which features the traditional story of the six men of Indostan. We included a print version of the same (by John Godfrey Saxe) in the front matter of WPC Book 1 to drive home […]

Acting out the drama of systems thinking

If we can pretend to create social value that can have a systemic effect, then we need to move beyond just understanding the causes of an issue — whether it be homelessness, elderly care or loneliness — to be able to make sense of the system/s the issue is part of. To tackle the issues caused by the system […]

Masdar 2015: The Sustainably Complexing City

I had a lot of fun writing my entry for last year’s Masdar Engage Blogging Contest, so I when I got the call, I was happy to throw my hat in the ring again.  This year they’re asking us to look into our crystal ball and forecast what the sustainable city of the future might look like. […]