Tim O’Reilly: Precarity’s Cheerleader

“Uber and Airbnb are interesting because they are really internet of things platforms. They are able to catalyse a swarming marketplace management model because everyone is carrying around a connected sensor package.”People are embracing these new work platforms not just because they can but because the experience is more human and relevant and empowering. People […]

The Sharing Economy Doesn’t Need to Be Full of Monopolies – The Atlantic

For partisans of the sharing economy, the result of this privatization will be a dynamic mix of corporate sovereigns, all jostling to better serve the producers and consumers on each side of their platforms. But is competition really all that likely for the major platforms? Things don’t look so good for Lyft, the Uber also-ran, […]

On Uber’s Elaborate Tax Scheme

In May (of 2013), Uber formed a new business entity in the Netherlands called Uber International C.V. Over the next few weeks Kalanick’s San Francisco startup executed a flurry of transactions that shifted ownership of several foreign subsidiaries to Uber International C.V. and formed an agreement with the Dutch business to split the profits from […]

Uber Drivers Threaten to Strike

“We always welcome feedback from driver-partners,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. Read the full story here: http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-uber-drivers-threaten-to-strike-20151016-story.html They’re “driver-partners,” because they collectively have a large equity position, and significant influence on decision-making. And yet they’re threatening to go on strike. Got it. If you found this interesting, I welcome you to check out […]