Bashi’s journey may signal a bigger refugee crisis to come | UNDP

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As Africa’s population continues to grow, the number of people crossing deserts and seas will continue to rise. Responses have focused primarily on enforcement, but it is clear barriers and barbed wire will not deter people who are prepared to risk their lives.There is no escaping the tough decisions required to absorb and integrate a significant number of the people who have already arrived in Europe and cannot be repatriated to countries in conflict. The Bashis of this world are not motivated by the European welfare state; they are attracted by peace, opportunities for development, employment and a legal system that promises equality and protection.
-Mohamed Yahya, Regional Programme Coordinator, UNDP Africa

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Repeat after me: “The ones who benefit from attempts to keep refugees out are the smugglers.”

Put yourself in the fleeing refugee’s well-worn shoes. What would you do to provide relative safety for your family? What would you do for an opportunity at a decent life?

Put otherwise, what could possibly keep you from seeking it?

(Answer: nothing)


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