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Chris Oestereich

Chris a circular economy facilitator, a writer, editor and publisher, and a faculty member at Thammasat University’s School of Global Studies.


Chris is currently launching a social enterprise, Full Circle Filament, that will work with informal waste collectors to source plastic bottles from waste to create 3D printing filament out of recycled plastic. The project is a partnership with the inclusive business unit at Covestro, Endeva, and Filabot.


Chris helps firms analyze their waste streams and designs and initiates programs tailored to create similar financial and environmental benefits through his firm, Linear to Circular and he is a member of the Board of Advisers for the Pledge on Food Waste, a certification program that helps hospitality organizations reduce their food waste and validate the gains. He has also written a number of case studies for the United Nations aimed at helping countries, firms, and other organizations accelerate their learning and progress on the SDGs.


Chris is  the publisher of the Wicked Problems Collaborative, an independent press that focuses on humanity’s biggest challenges. Through that platform, he  published an anthology on inequality “What Do We Do About Inequality?” and he’s currently finishing up the final installment of a book on Brexit (Parts I and II are out now) that takes a close look at the challenges for the UK in leaving the EU on their current path.


Chris is a faculty member at Thammasat University’s School of Global Studies where he’s the Director of the school’s publications unit. He launched the ASEAN Social Innovation Review, which is creating academic case studies around social innovation and social enterprise in the ASEAN context. Chris teaches courses related to sustainability and social innovation and he collaborates on a variety of related events aimed at building community and launching projects that aim to move the needle in a positive direction.

Circular Economy & Zero Waste

Chris formerly worked for Albertsons and SuperValu, a nation-wide network of grocery chains, where he designed and implemented zero-waste programs which successfully diverted or avoided over 90% of the waste from over 200 grocery stores and 15 distribution centers. His zero-waste work created millions of dollars in benefits in reduced waste hauling costs and increased recycling revenues for the firm’s bottom-line.


Chris’ writing interests run the gamut of major social and environmental issues known as wicked problems, including the ways in which businesses interact with and impact systems, in looking to foster more just and sustainable societies. He has written for a variety of publications, including The RSA, The Week, Social Space, and the Harvard Business Review, as well as sustainability-focused outlets like CSR Asia, Sustainable Brands, the Inclusive Business Hub, CSRwire, and Triple Pundit. He also formerly wrote a regular column for SALT Magazine on integrating purpose in business. (Writing samples are available at the bottom of the page.)


Chris is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and the organization’s “connector” for Thailand, and he’s a mentor for the Circular Economy Club. He has an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Masters in Environmental Management from Harvard University.

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