Keep Calm and Brexit On?

I’m writing a book on the Brexit mess that I’m releasing in installments. This is allowing me to publish pieces in real time as the story unfolds, rather than waiting until “the end.” The first part, “It’s Not Dead Yet” is out now. It’s a short look at the troubles in the EU that helped bring the referendum into being.

Part II starts out by looking at the shifting goalposts of Tory leadership in the wake of David Cameron’s departure. It also covers the circumstances that contributed to the referendum’s result, including austerity measures in the UK (with a close look at cuts to the National Health Service and education), as well as growing sentiment against globalization and fomented xenophobia. Part II is due out April 10 and is available for pre-order now.

Part III, “Down the Article 50 Hole,” covers the developments up to the end of March 2017. Hopefully, it will not include the triggering of Article 50 (which would send the UK whirling out of the EU into parts unknown). At this point, it looks like it would take a Deus ex Machina to keep that from occurring. (Can anyone get us a rainout?)