Cyber Monday Special! Devolvo Serenity Helmets are 2 for 1! (Limited Time Offer)

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Tired of hearing about environmental issues?  Devolvo can take care of that!

Had it up to here with political rhetoric?  Devolvo has you covered!

Tired of disappointments in your life?  It’s all good with Devolvo!

Up to your eyeball in debt?  Put on the Devolvo Helmet and you’ll be up to your eyeballs in cute puppy and kitten videos!

Bored of the same old holiday gifts?  Devolvo has the shiny new thing you’ve been waiting for.  The Devolvo Serenity Helmet severs all connections to the outside world and creates a virtual world where all is right.  Devolvo Helmets utilize ground breaking neural synapse neutralization technology which numbs the senses to the point where your brain is as functional as tapioca pudding.  (And who doesn’t like pudding?)

You don’t want to feel the overwhelming sadness involved with knowing your neighbor’s smug smile is hidden by their Devolvo Serenity Helmet while you go helmet-less now do you?

Act now while supplies last!  

Click here for the Cyber Monday 2 for 1 special!

Image source: flickr/misteraitch