Last Call for Enlightened Self-Interest?

Published by Chris Oestereich on

I’ve long warned about the potential of things going down a bad path if we don’t find a way to craft fairer societies.  Over the past couple of years, those warnings have felt increasingly less speculative. For a time, I thought there’d be a moment when those at the trough would realize the danger we were in and pull back. But that hasn’t happened. Lately, I’ve come to believe the only way for enlightened self-interest to kick in would be due to a major shock to the system. That said, the Great Recession and the Arab Spring didn’t do it. So what might it take?

Mark Blyth, a professor of political economy at Brown University, gave this short talk around the time of the EU referendum in June of 2016. His warning then was pretty grim, and now we have Trump in the Whitehouse and Theresa May’s Tories leaning toward a “Hard” Brexit. So, what’s it going to take to turn the ship around? And what dangers are we availing ourselves to by continuing down the current path?