Finally, Some Good News

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Photo by: Davide Simonetti

Christine Ottery & George Monbiot share a little love for those who are trying to make things right:

Faced with the mind-numbing bad news about the environment over recent months, a couple of us at the Guardian decided to try to cheer ourselves up by finding examples of the right kind of environmental change. We set out to find 50 green pioneers, people who are making a practical difference but whose work is not yet widely known.

The article points out several great projects which are making a difference.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Alison Skeat’s Dirty Hands teaches people gardening skills while fostering community relationships
  • Andrew King and Jamie Hartzell’s Ethical Property Company buys old buildings, fixes them up for efficient resource use and then rents them out to charities and the like at affordable rates
  • Dave Miller & Jim Blackthorne’s Bikeworks refurbishes old bikes and gets people on them
  • Martin Cake’s Christmas Tree Man delivers Christmas trees in pots and re-plants them after the holidays
  • John and Mark Gapper’s have perpetuated the Brighton & Hove City “seed bank” by planting and saving seeds, on an annual basis, since the 1960s

Plenty of other good stories here in the full article:

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