Franke James » Ending the Climate War, one of my favorite sites, posted “What Can one person do” today, the visual essay by Franke James which I highlighted here last week.  To celebrate this great exposure, I thought I’d feature another of her works.  Today’s selection is another visual essay.   This one, centered around Eric Pooley’s “The Climate War,” seems a perfect lead in to tomorrow’s elections.  I’ve posted the first several images here and there’s a link to the full essay at the end of this post.

Side Note on tomorrow’s elections:

Please, please, please get out and vote tomorrow!  Don’t vote to punish.  Vote for the people you believe will represent your best interests for the long-term.  (Unless of course your pretty well off, then vote for the common good!)  These are critical times.  Don’t fall for sound bites.  Please do what you know is right.  Our grandkids will thank us for getting things right.

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Check out the full essay on Franke’s site.

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