Great Expectations

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I just found a new blog (“Rethinking Leadership”) on that shows a lot of promise.  The author, Karl Moore, is a B-school professor a McGill University.  His faculty page on the Desautels’ website shows that along with being a professor of strategy and leadership, he is also an Associate Professor in the Dept of Neurology & Neurosurgery. (The plot thickens!)

Professor Moore’s stated intent for the offering:

The plan is write a column one week and the next week have an interview with one of the world’s leading business professors on they are rethinking their particular areas of research and teaching, hopefully, this should keep us in the vanguard.

This week’s interview was with strategy professor Michael Porter of Harvard University.  Porter is well-known among B-schoolers for his Five Forces model of competitive strategy (Insert eye roll here), but these days he’s espousing something new; the idea of creating shared value.  Porter has joined the growing movement of people who believe that a sustainable society depends on businesses that share, rather than just take, the value they create.  Check out the brief interview below. (4 minutes)  I recommend bookmarking prof Moore’s blog or signing up to follow him on the website.



Late addition: The link to Professor Moore’s initial post: