Help Co-create a Compassionate Business Future via SALT Magazine’s Kickstarter

Published by Chris Oestereich on

I write a column for a new publication which is working to create a values-driven business environment. SALT Magazine is carving out a unique space among business publications, eschewing the profit over everything narrative for something more balanced and nuanced. It’s a wonderful space that will help business leaders gain perspective, but it won’t last without support. Enter the Kickstarter campaign for the magazine’s inaugural issue.

The Kickstarter campaign is within £2,500 of being funded, but it only has three days left to go.  Please check out the campaign, and consider supporting the effort.  For just £10, you can support the launch and get a copy of the inaugural issue mailed to wherever you are.  (I have a column “Finding the ‘You-Shaped’ Hole at Work” in the first issue on the importance of aligning passion and purpose to achieve and sustain engagement.)  There are additional levels of support offered and sponsorship opportunities for firms as well.  Please click on the link below to check out the campaign.

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Co-create a compassionate business future with Salt Magazine by Salt Magazine — Kickstarter.