Here’s the Olive Branch

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I read a post by Prof Philip Cohen during the inauguration that’s helped me re-frame the current mess. (Please read it.)

I’ve struggled to find common ground due to perceived injustices in the Democratic primary, the lack of effort to bridge the gap between the Dem camps in the general, and the lack of accountability from Hillary’s team and supporters in the wake of Trump’s victory.

When you feel like your candidate was ratfucked by his party, and then watch as he and his supporters are one of the commonly cited reasons for the loss, it grates–badly. The vacuum of any hint of self-reflection has

In response, many of us have taken great joy with our refrain, “Bernie would have won.” The simple statement turns the pointing finger around and sticks it in the eye of the accuser. It seems to work well, and if nothing else, provides endless schadenfreude. I’m ready to bury that.

Now what?

I’ve been waiting for the liberal camp to extend an olive branch but there’s no time left to wait, so I’m sending it in the opposite direction. We have to stop re-litigating every slight from the campaign and start concentrating fully on the present. We are teetering over the abyss. Trump may not end up being anything like what I fear he could become, but the opportunity is fully present, so we need to be ready. (Don’t even worry about the future for now.) It’s time to find a way to get through this mess together.

Here’s the olive branch. Take it. Meet us halfway. We can argue about the past when we have a future.

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