My Writing

I’m a writer, consultant, and garden-variety curmudgeon based in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve written for a variety of platforms, including The Week, The RSA, the Harvard Business Review, and my column with SALT Magazine.

I founded the Wicked Problems Collaborative, which published our first book (on inequality) in the fall of 2016. I’m also a Fellow and Global Ambassador of the RSA.

My writing interests run the gamut of major social and environmental issues known as wicked problems, including the ways in which businesses interact with and impact systems, in looking to foster more just and sustainable societies. If you think any of that might be of help, please reach out. I’m happy to connect to discuss possibilities.

Writing Samples

On Brexit:

The Week: Brexit is a huge mistake. It’s not too late to stop it.

On the Future of Work

The RSA: Put Your Dreams Away for Now?

On Sustainability/Inclusive Business/Zero Waste

Harvard Business Review: Don’t let regulation turn your business into a Rube Goldberg machine

Practitioner’s Hub: Waste is not a thing that’s made, but a thing that’s done

CSR Asia: Inclusive Business – Is it about cutting out the middleman?

On Personal Leadership

SALT Magazine: How to create a healthier planet: Be willing to be wrong

On the Plight of Refugees

The RSA: The Humble Abode Games