Pandemic Capitalism

Our economic system isn’t working for most of humanity. Governments have long kicked the can on major problems with band-aids, rather than undertake the required investments and deliver necessary systems change. The coronavirus has laid the folly plain.

Pandemic Capitalism features essays on the possibility offered by Universal Basic Incomes, couched in the context of the global pandemic. In this age of growing precarity, and a growing threat of significant job loss due to technological advances in automation and artificial intelligence, we need to look at new ways of sharing the spoils of our increasingly productive economies, while also getting production back within planetary limits. Pandemic Capitalism looks at this mess from a systems lens and makes the case for a transition to a future that’s more sustainable and just than the outcomes we currently endure.


Pandemic Capitalism will reach readers who have a special interest in social, political, and economic issues. 
-Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review 

For those wishing to explore the compelling reasons for universal basic incomes (UBI), the author offers an update on the obvious ones. But less traveled are the back roads to our assumptions: the profit motive, the ‘invisible hand’ of the marketplace, winner-takes-all competition, and other unexamined beliefs that have run the course. These paradigms need to be challenged, for they have laid out a roadmap headed for a cliff.
-Kriss Avery Rainbow Sound

Table of Contents
Provoked by Contagion
1. No Escape
2. Precarity in a Pandemic
3. Water, Then Food, Then Shelter
4. There Can Be Only One
5. The Necessity of Change
6. Who Will Save the Economy?
7. A New Paradigm
8. The Road Not Yet Taken
9. Is It a Cure-All?
10. Sharing the Bounty
11. What’s Broke Needs Fixin’