Schrödinger’s Gun Cases: Unlocked and Loaded While Locked and Unloaded

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Many Americans wish to have a firearm in the home for protection against intruders.   Unfortunately, having a firearm in the home brings a host of risks with it.   This paradox leaves people who wish to increase their safety, potentially decreasing it. For a firearm to be useful for self-defense, it typically needs to be loaded and readily accessible. For a firearm to be safe, it typically needs to be unloaded and locked up.

Due to this, Schrödinger Rifles has come up with a product that unwinds this quandary. They have developed a gun case that uses the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics to hold the gun in two states. The gun is both locked and unloaded, and unlocked and loaded while in the case. When the case’s handle is pulled, it assesses the situation to determine whether there are any bad guys present, and then places the gun in the state that’s needed. Intruder in the home? Here’s your boomstick. Three year old nephew exploring your nightstand? They’ll never get into this vault!

But wait, there’s more!

Schrödinger Rifles has also developed a deluxe edition which holds the gun in three states, the third being “lost.” Police searching your home for the gun you used to rob a bank? Sorry, but it doesn’t exist when they open the case. How cool is that?!

The cases are now ready for pre-order and will be shipping soon. Click here to order now!