Scotland Will Not Go Gentle

Published by Chris Oestereich on

Scotland is not a willing participant in Theresa May’s Brexit plans. The country had the highest portion of Remain votes of any region in the UK with 62% of the country’s votes going that way.

Theresa May promised the devolved administrations (Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) they’d agree on the approach to Brexit prior to the triggering of Article 50. Now she says they’ll get to that later. Angus Robertson, of the Scottish National Party, warned that only days remained until Article 50 would be triggered, and that Scotland would hold another referendum if they were forced out on May’s terms. May shot back warning that Scotland was undoubtedly leaving Europe, so they could either do that with our without the rest of the UK.

The Scots are calling May’s bluff. Former First Minister Alex Salmond is looking for a way to maintain continuous access to the European single market for Scotland. He also notes that while the Scots were warned about the uncertainty of becoming independent in 2014, most of their uncertainty now emanates out of London.

After nine months of debates, court hearings, and sundry shenanigans, the Brexit funhouse is about to give way to the Article 50 log flume. Ready or not Theresa May is driving the Brexit bus towards the white cliffs of Dover with a passionate intensity that borders on fervor. Those who do not want to compete the journey are welcome to get off the bus once it’s gone over the cliff.

Look out below.

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