Support The Urban Canopy Rooftop Farm! (Kickstarter Project)

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Quick post tonight to share a neat opportunity.  Alex Poltorak runs a rooftop farm in Chicago, Illinois (The Urban Canopy), which he is looking to expand this year.  I learned of Alex’s farm from a recent issue of Yes! Magazine which featured DIY opportunities created by entrepreneurs who eschewed corporate work.  I reached out to Alex back then and we had a nice chat discussing our B-school backgrounds and ideas on transforming our food systems.

Alex is now running a project on Kickstarter and is just over $1,100 in pledges away from seeing his effort funded.  Please check out the Kickstarter page and The Urban Canopy on Facebook and consider joining me in supporting the project.  I’d love to see that transaction hit my bank statement!

Image by: missdrummajorette