Sustainability Coaching & Communications

If you need help cleaning up your operations, I’d love to look at opportunities to help you with that, but I can also help you re-orient your thinking, and your business strategy, towards a more sustainable future path. As a business person with years of experience leading efforts around sustainability, as well as operational work with small, medium, and large size firms, I can help you get beyond esoteric discussions about sustainability, to those of actionable plans that can be delivered on.

And if you need help getting the word out about the efforts that your engaged in, as well as the path that you’re laying out for the company to tread. Having watched their competitors catch derision for “greenwashing” efforts, many business leaders are understandably nervous about dipping their toe into the sustainability waters. The ill will generated by some campaigns could probably be measured in orders of magnitude greater than any benefits that might have been expected. (If the juice is not only not worth the squeeze, but also likely to end up in your eye…) But it doesn’t have to go this way. A thoughtful, measured approach to these efforts, and the way that they’re shared, can lead to a host of benefits. (To do otherwise is to plan to be unsustainable–chosen obsolescence.)

But if you’re planning to do (or are already doing) these things for the right reasons, and your firm has made the necessary commitment to do so, then there’s little to be afraid of. (Sure, there will always be naysayers and those goading you to go faster, but the former won’t be pleased regardless, abd the latter can become your most ardent supporters if you play your cards right.) We just need to learn from the mistakes that have gone amiss, and take a holistic approach to the firm’s future.

I have years of experience working to humanize corporate communications (If the receiver can’t connect with the message, can you expect them to even finish reading it, much less to feel compelled to act differently because of it?), advising firms on their csr/sustainability efforts, and writing country reports for developing nations. I’ve also recently published the first book of what will eventually be a series on the Wicked Problems faced by humanity.

I currently write a column for the print edition of SALT Magazine (The compassionate business magazine), and have written for the Harvard Business Review, The Royal Society of Arts (The RSA), Sustainable Brands, CSR Asia, Practitioner’s Hub for Inclusive Business, Triple Pundit, CSRwire, and 2Degrees among others. If you’re interested in taking a look, my Contently portfolio hosts a broad sampling.

If you’d like to invite me to help share your work, please drop me a line, but please know in advance that my goal is to drive real impact. I have no interest in helping to paper over the aftermath of short-term thinking. That said, I’ll gladly help dig folks out of holes they’ve dug for themselves IF they’re ready to head in a better direction.

And if you’re looking for conference panelists for any of the topics I write about, I’ll gladly take part if I can fit it into my calendar. Please send me a note with the particulars and I’ll be in touch soon.