10 Steps to Turn Social Media into a Self-Directed Center of Learning

I just read the latest post from Andrea Learned.  It got me to thinking about a post I have been meaning to write on how I believe that I’ve accelerated my learning via social media…

Social media is an openended, polyphonic stream of consciousness.  That stream can lead to an endless procession of cat pics, fiery discussions over a host of controversial topics, or just about anything in between.  The great thing about it is that the experience is largely dependent on you.  If you like, it can be a great echo chamber in which multitudes will line up to agree with your positions, , or it can be a home for great debate in which arguments can be honed, but we may learn that long held positions are unfounded.  (Caveat lector!)  It can also be an immense waste of time.

But sometimes, an immense waste of time can be highly productive… (more…)