Will Corbyn Go Gentle into that Good Night?

Nearly a month into the 24-month window for Article 50 negotiations, and before the negotiators have even had the chance to sit down together for the first time, the Tories have announced snap elections. As I noted yesterday, the Tories have repeatedly stated that there would not be early elections. With 17 months to negotiate an agreement […]

Keep Calm and Brexit On? – Part 2: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

The second installment of my book on the Brexit mess is out! This one looks at key forces that played into the EU referendum vote — matters like austerity in the form of cuts to the UK’s education system and its National Health Service, as well as concerns over immigration (among others). It also has […]

Merkel Rejects Parallel Talks

In their letter to the EU, the UK requested parallel discussions: one for the “divorce bill,” and another for the go forward agreement. Per Sky News, Angela Merkel has already shut down that bit of wishful thinking. With that, the 18-month window to negotiate a new deal with the EU (that’s already likely down to […]

Down the Brexit Hole

They did it. Theresa May sent her emissary to Brussels today to officially deliver the divorce papers. They now have two years to negotiate the tab for existing commitments, as well as a go forward deal. The last six months will be needed for the EU and UK governments to debate and approve any deal […]

Is the Article 50 negotiation window down to 17 months?

Article 50, the bit of EU law that allows members to leave the union, allows for a 24 month negotiating period. Thus any country that triggers the clause has a 2-year Article 50 negotiation window to ratify a deal before the country crashes out into uncharted territory. As a member of the WTO, the UK […]

Scotland Will Not Go Gentle

Scotland is not a willing participant in Theresa May’s Brexit plans. The country had the highest portion of Remain votes of any region in the UK with 62% of the country’s votes going that way. Theresa May promised the devolved administrations (Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) they’d agree on the approach to Brexit prior to the […]

Is the WTO a Good Brexit Safety Net for the UK?

I’m wrapping up a book “Keep Calm and Brexit On?” that I’ll be publishing in multiple installments. The first one, “It’s Not Dead Yet” opens the book with the usual front matter and the first couple of chapters which set the stage for last summer’s historic referendum on the UK’s EU membership. There’s a lot […]