Open Your Window and Stick Out Your Head and Yell!

I’ve held back on some potentially fiery polemics recently as I have no desire to be known for invective.  Recent events have led me to believe it would be a disservice to the things I believe in to continue to temper my words.  I apologize if I offend anyone.

I don’t make a dime for these efforts.  I do it because I care deeply about social and environmental justice and I want to make a positive contribution to the common good.  I try to do this by asking my readers to join me in a bit of navel-gazing, by questioning their assumptions and motivations.  In doing so, I hope they will end up aiming higher with both their thoughts and actions.  Please hold on to that thought.

A “compromise” has been reached

It’s been a tough day for those of us with progressive leanings.  The widely praised compromise tastes like mighty thin gruel.  I have a fair amount to say about it, but I’ll ask you to check out Keith Olbermann’s fine commentary first.