The L2C Interview: Anthony Watanabe of Asia Clean Innovations (ACI) on ASEAN Cleantech

I recently moved from Boise, Idaho in the western U.S., to Bangkok, Thailand. (Of all the well-worn paths used by traders and immigrants throughout history, this was not one.) I’ve been to Thailand several times before as much of my wife’s family lives here, but this time things are very different. Instead of a time-bound vacation filled sightseeing and amazing meals, I’m engaging in an open-ended adventure seeking to help businesses cut their impacts on the planet. (Okay. If I’m being honest, the meals are still amazing.)

When I landed in Bangkok a few weeks ago, I needed to find a few friendly faces in the crowd of close to ten million people. I started looking for opportunities to connect with “my people” and I found a workshop, “Partnering for Sustainability,” that was bringing together people from NGOs, academia, and the business sector to wrestle with the region’s issues. The only problem, the event was two days away, and the registration deadline had passed over a week before. I frantically emailed the workshop contact and essentially begged for permission to attend.  (more…)