Are we backing into austerity?

First it was the debt ceiling.  Now we’re cleaning up the fiscal cliff mess, but there are rumblings that we’ll have another debt ceiling showdown in the coming months.  Republicans should be ceding ground as they hold only one of the three houses of power in Washington (gerrymandering aided at Read more…

Open Your Window and Stick Out Your Head and Yell!

I’ve held back on some potentially fiery polemics recently as I have no desire to be known for invective.  Recent events have led me to believe it would be a disservice to the things I believe in to continue to temper my words.  I apologize if I offend anyone.

I don’t make a dime for these efforts.  I do it because I care deeply about social and environmental justice and I want to make a positive contribution to the common good.  I try to do this by asking my readers to join me in a bit of navel-gazing, by questioning their assumptions and motivations.  In doing so, I hope they will end up aiming higher with both their thoughts and actions.  Please hold on to that thought.

A “compromise” has been reached

It’s been a tough day for those of us with progressive leanings.  The widely praised compromise tastes like mighty thin gruel.  I have a fair amount to say about it, but I’ll ask you to check out Keith Olbermann’s fine commentary first.



The Forbidden Fruit?

I was planning to write a pithy article on the many things which have gotten my goat this week, but I’ve had it up to here and the relevant angles have been covered by far better writers. I’ll just leave you with a picture of my boys thumbing their noses at the Cit of Oak Park, Michigan…