Proposing Egon’s Law

The quote below was attributed to Harold Ramis shortly after his passing. It sums up my outlook on life pretty well and I think it’s one that, given a critical mass, could make the world a better place for all. I propose that the concept of an other-focused, supportive perspective leading to generative, mutually-beneficial outcomes […]

It’s Labor Day. Time to re-evaluate your “career path”

I just read an interesting post that was shared by Carol Sanford (One of my favorite thinkers.) on Twitter earlier today. The manifesto Carol shared asks us to purposefully look at our careers not from the perspective of a defined path, but from that of broad possibilities.  This got me to thinking of the idealized career […]

Are you ready to “Embrace the shake?”

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Hansen (@Philinthecircle) at the recent Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego. Phil is an artist who had to overcome, well, I should probably leave the story to him. I’ll just say that I was inspired by his talk, and that I think you’ll come away from watching this with a new perspective on limits.

Time for the 5 R’s (Reading, Writing, Reflecting, Renewing and Rejoicing)

I’m fortunate enough to be on vacation this week and will be making time to do more of the things which matter the most. I hope you’re getting ready for a bit of spring renewal as well as I think this year will be a bit of a slog. Here’s a hope for a turn towards political middle ground as we’ve had anything but that over the past few years and we’ve seen where that has gotten us.

Lunch on a Budget

Having coffee at the end of a bike ride this afternoon, I overheard the following exchange between an older gentlemen and a cashier:
McChicken and a McDouble today sir?

Alberto Cairo: There are no scraps of men (TED Talk)

If you can make it through this one without shedding a tear of joy, you’re probably better off avoiding this corner of the internet.

Give Me Betterness, or Give Me Death!

I just finished reading “Betterness,” the latest offering from Umair Haque (Twitter: @umairh), HBR Blogger, Director of the Havas Media Lab and founder of Bubblegeneration. The book is a lighting bolt of clarity aimed at the minds of those who are fed up with the status quo.

When Should We Worry?

I had an interesting exchange this week with Dave Gray on Twitter this week (Check out Dave’s site for insightful analysis on a variety of interesting topics:, which reminded me of something I have intended to post for a while, my rule of thumb on when to worry.  Here’s the mental two-by-two that I use. 1. […]