How do you think?

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Concentration? (Flickr/Ninithedreamer)

I’ve been thinking a lot about thinking lately.  What conditions do I need to foster concentration?  Is concentration the key to insight?  Or, is it about letting the mind wander and waiting for inspiration to strike?

For me it starts with, well, really it ends with distractions.  But what interrupts a thought process and what doesn’t?  If I’m deep into something and I get a momentary distraction, I can probably get right back in without too much trouble.  String a couple of those interruptions together, or take me away for more than a moment, and it’s typically back to square one.

Why is that and what can we do about it? (more…)

Are You Inhibiting Greatness?

I just watched the following montage of Pixar’s flicks, which got me thinking about what it is that’s so different about the firm. What enables them to produce hit after hit when most firms struggle for a fraction of their success? Multiple directors have led their different projects and certainly players have changed, so what is the common thread of success?