Are you killing opportunities out of fear?

Seth Godin has a great post up this morning in which he asks whether leaders aren’t stifling opportunities out of fear.  He starts out by asking if we really want to get better, or if we’re too afraid of the effects change might bring.

Better means change and change means risk and risk means fear.
So the organization is filled with people who have been punished when they try to make things better, because the boss is afraid.
-Seth Godin


It’s time to reframe corporate sustainability

Flickr/ Randen Pederson

Flickr/ Randen Pederson

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My first big CSR/sustainability event was the 2010 Net Impact Conference held at the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School. I had been invited there to speak on a panel on the topic of intrapreneurship, which gave me the opportunity to sit in on a number inspiring and insightful talks. One of the sessions I attended was an interview with Aron Cramer, the CEO of BSR.

As I recall, much of that hopeful, engaging discussion centered on transparency – a topic that’s close to my heart. The concept of radical transparency is pretty simple. It’s the idea that firms will endeavor to be as transparent as they possibly can, both externally with customers, communities and competitors and internally throughout the organization. It’s akin to asking a fully armored knight to strip down to a fig leaf. This is an idea I fully agree with, and it’s one that helped give rise to the idea which prompted this post. (more…)

Bruce Lee: Change Leadership Guru (Part 2)


Time for another go around with advice from the master.  This time out it’s all about finding meaning in life.


On being yourself and making meaning

Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make.

Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves.