Interview: Megan Hollingsworth of Extinction Witness

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It took several months to connect with Megan Hollingsworth of Extinction Witness for this interview, multiple calls to get through it, and then several months to finish writing it up.   A long and winding road indeed.  In short, I’ve taken entirely too long to complete this post and wanted to publicly thank Megan for her grace and patience in waiting for it to land.  Fortunately, it seems the delays have been fortuitous as the organization is making great strides now, so it seems a good time to help get the word out.

The DP Interview

In talking with Megan, I learned of her great desire to help people become aware of, and come to terms with, the impact we are having on our planet’s biodiversity. The Extinction Witness site endeavors to “help broaden the horizon of possibility for humanity by gathering, encouraging and promoting the creative response to genocide and species extermination of the Americas.”  (A pretty great ikigai, if you ask me.)  Running on the premise that the present mass extinction of species is driven by how we relate with ourselves and one another, Extinction Witness creates and curates regeneration projects to heal unrecognized and unresolved violations of individuals and whole cultures. The project serves in the realms of Spirit and human emotion, also known as energy. As Megan sees it, spiritual regeneration is a prerequisite for biological regeneration. As part of Extinction Witness’s goal to restore cultural and biological diversity to Earth, the project collaborates with on-the-ground regeneration projects to encourage and support practical action.


What are you reading?

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A little of this and that.

I started collecting books earlier this year in anticipation of finishing up school this summer.  I’ve loaded up on titles around business, climate change, ethics, justice, philosophy and science and expect to be reading on related topics fairly exclusively over the coming years.  As I put my academic career in the rearview, I’ll be looking for the leverage points described in Donella Meadows’ iconic essay (If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend checking it out right away.) and will be looking for the keys unlock those leverage points. (Any suggestions to that end are very welcome.) (more…)

Can Inequality in America Get Any Worse?

PBS Frontline has a special airing on Tuesday night (7/9/13) on our growing inequality issues. Check out the trailer for that program.


I encourage you to watch that program and if you feel so inclined, I’ve linked out to a handful of related articles below.

It seems we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into a reverse Robin Hood economic mess and we’ve got to be better informed if we’re going to pull ourselves out of it. (And that’s to say nothing to of the growing challenges of resource constraints which further complicate matters.) The chart below shows the trend of our Gini Coefficient over the past four plus decades.