With Chequers Dead, It’s May’s Moment of Truth

Theresa May went to Salzburg this week looking to find common ground with the EU on her Chequers plan. Instead, that plan was roundly rejected. Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, noted that an agreement was still possible. But he said it would not happen under the terms of May’s plan. With Chequers […]

In the wake of the London terrorist attack

I’m not going to talk about the London terrorist attack, at least not directly. Too many people will take care of that in other places. But given that I’m in the middle of a book on UK politics, and the country is just days away from national elections, I thought I should take a look at […]

Will Corbyn Go Gentle into that Good Night?

Nearly a month into the 24-month window for Article 50 negotiations, and before the negotiators have even had the chance to sit down together for the first time, the Tories have announced snap elections. As I noted yesterday, the Tories have repeatedly stated that there would not be early elections. With 17 months to negotiate an agreement […]

The Brexit Signal is Lit

Theresa May became Prime Minister in the wake of the EU referendum that was held on June 23, 2016. The results of that election sent former PM David Cameron out of office in disgrace. A week later, May made her first public statement in which she claimed there would be no early election, a claim that has […]

Scotland Will Not Go Gentle

Scotland is not a willing participant in Theresa May’s Brexit plans. The country had the highest portion of Remain votes of any region in the UK with 62% of the country’s votes going that way. Theresa May promised the devolved administrations (Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) they’d agree on the approach to Brexit prior to the […]