The DP Blog is dead. Long live the Circular Thinking blog!

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blog move

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Blog Moving Day

It was time.  After three years on the platform it was time to move the Dystopian Present blog to a hosted site.  I’ve imported the posts and will continue to use this outlet to take a broad brush look at sustainability-related ideas.  I’ll try to stay a bit more focused on opportunities to drive positive change, as there are plenty of things to go after there.  That said, I’m sure I’ll continue to stick my neck out into the connected topics of science, economics and politics as the point is to help keep folks thinking about the numerous wicked problems we face through a csr/sustainability business lens.  The goal is to offer ideas which might help connect people to ideas in working to nudge us towards a better future.  (Who doesn’t want that?!)

Why the Move?

It’s a big week for me as I finished up the coursework for a degree in Sustainability & Environmental Management via the Harvard University Extension School.  (It’s a phenomenal program.  Check it out.)  This was my second consecutive master’s degree as I had earned an Executive MBA at Washington University’s Olin Business School prior to entering the environmental program.  With the seven year’s of grad school behind me, I’ll be able to dedicate more time to writing.  I’m looking forward to digging in deeper than I’ve been able to in the past.  Things in the areas of the famed triple bottom line (People, Planet and Profit) are from where where they need to be.  It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.