Tim O’Reilly: Precarity’s Cheerleader

Published by Chris Oestereich on

“Uber and Airbnb are interesting because they are really internet of things platforms. They are able to catalyse a swarming marketplace management model because everyone is carrying around a connected sensor package.”People are embracing these new work platforms not just because they can but because the experience is more human and relevant and empowering. People who were locked out by the old way of doing things can now get a piece of the action.You don’t have to own a big building with lots of rooms or a fleet of cars or a manufacturing plant. You can be productive and sell things that people value if you own one room or one car or some tape and scissors.

Source: Tim O’Reilly: Uber and Airbnb are leading the future of work | Media Network | The Guardian

The future’s so dim, I’ll never need shades.

Image: Etan J. Tal