The Dividing Kingdom: Keep Calm and Brexit On?

Brexit, UK, Corbyn, May, EUOn June 23, 2016, the citizens of the United Kingdom went to the polls to decide whether to part ways with the European Union. Leave took the day with a slim majority (52% to 48%) on the non-binding vote. The fallout from that day effectively spawned a new book genre: dystopian nonfiction.

Part 1 of The Dividing Kingdom sets up the mess with a mildly tongue-in-cheek overview of the relevant terms, groups, and people that are important to understanding Brexit. It then explains the genesis of this project and what I hoped to do with it, as well as a couple of chapters on the shambling wreck known as the EU to set up the story.

Part 2 of The Dividing Kingdom looks at major factors contributing to the EU referendum result, including austerity, cuts to the National Health Service and education, concerns about globalization, and fomented xenophobia. It also looks at the shifting goals of politicians, and the stories they told on the way to the historic result.

Part 3 is planned for release in late 2018. It digs into the immense challenges faced by the UK in the time after the EU referendum.