As a writer, editor, and publisher, I have deep experience in all phases of content creation in a wide-variety of non-fiction channels. Whether it’s helping non-profits or social entrepreneurs tell their stories, calling attention to challenges and opportunities related to wicked problems, writing country reports for developing nations, or opinion pieces advocating for maximal dedication to sustainable business/society (and related how-tos), I enjoy digging into issues that matter and working to help the reader see things from new perspectives. If you’re in need of help telling your story, drop me a line via the contact form below. (Writing samples are available at the bottom of the page.)

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Writing Samples

On the Future of Work

The RSA: Put Your Dreams Away for Now?

On Sustainability/Inclusive Business/Zero Waste

Harvard Business Review: Don’t let regulation turn your business into a Rube Goldberg machine

Practitioner’s Hub: Waste is not a thing that’s made, but a thing that’s done

CSR Asia: Inclusive Business – Is it about cutting out the middleman?

On Personal Leadership

SALT Magazine: How to create a healthier planet: Be willing to be wrong

On the Plight of Refugees

The RSA: The Humble Abode Games