Story-Based Holistic Design

A framework for sustainable, participatory design… The Human-Centered Design (HCD)  framework facilitates change. I designed Story-Based Holistic Design (SBHD) as an update to HCD to help improve the sustainability of design outcomes. SBHD differs from HCD in three ways. SBHD integrates system thinking processes with the existing processes in the Human-Centered Design framework.Storytelling is included throughout the […]

Will Robots Do Our Work?

For millennia, everything was done by human hand and so a good work ethic was an important value to ingrain into society. The field was not going to sow itself, nor would the house be self-built. Each had to pull their own weight to ensure their basic needs were met.
Since the first stone tools were used, technology has been augmenting work. It typically creeps in at a pace that is not broadly disruptive, but it occasionally lurches forward in periods we call “industrial revolutions”.

Confessions of an Independent Publisher (who learns everything the hard way)

About five years ago, the idea of becoming an independent publisher, one that focused on humanity’s biggest challenges, took hold of me. It was an intoxicating vision. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but publishing thought-provoking books on such challenges was just the kind of work I wanted to do. I had no idea what I was […]